Almond Dates Smoothie


Almond Dates Smoothie

Almond Dates Smoothie

This Almond dates smoothie nurtures and comforts the whole body. Dates add sweetness, while a slice of ginger and a dash of cinnamon heat up this elegant blend, warming the body to the core.  A great lush tonic for fall exhaustion.

In Fall months, our body uses all available energy to build an insulating layer of fat before winter. Meanwhile, low humidity in autumn depletes our fluids. The result is that our blood will be depleted of sugars, fats, and fluids throughout the season, making our muscles feel weak and tired, while our mind becomes anxious and spacey. Fortunately, the nourishing sumptuousness of dates and grounding effect of almond milk can help  nourish our blood and rebuild our stamina.

Both cinnamon and dates are demulcent expectorants that can soothe the throat when dry and help eliminate thick mucus from the respiratory tract. Cinnamon and dates also share astringency, useful for toning the digestive tract.

I just find it comforting and warming to the body.  I also tried it with hemp milk when I didn t have almond milk -also very good!


Ingredients needed:

1 cup Almond milk

2 pinch cinnamon

2 whole dates dried

1/8 in. piece of fresh ginger

Puree all ingredients in a blender.  You may also substitute with coconut milk or hemp milk.  Serve room temperature.




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