Fashionistas Shorts

The Fashionistas Shorts. These Yoga Shorts for Women are very Flattering. Elastic Ruching on the sides and part of the front of the waist. This allows the woman that wears it to pull it up or down, allowing more visibility or not of the tummy!

  • women's yoga shorts

    Fashionista Women’s yoga shorts

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  • womens yoga shorts by Sweat-n-StretchWomen's Yoga shorts

    Fashionista womens yoga short

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  • Fashionistas White Yoga shorts by Sweat-n-Stretch

    Fashionistas White Yoga shorts

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  • womens shorts by Sweat-n-StretchWomens hot yoga shorts

    Fashionistas womens hot yoga shorts

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  • Kayla women shorts by Sweat-n-StretchKayla yoga shorts

    Kayla yoga shorts

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  • hot shorts montrealHot shorts Montreal

    Valeria Hot shorts

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  • Boogie woogie short by sweat-n-stretchBoogie yoga short

    Womens Boogie yoga short

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