Mens plaid yoga shorts

Plaid yoga shorts for the hot room! how hot is that?!  White plaid, Taupe plaid, Love plaid!

These yoga shorts in Padmasana style feature a front gusset fully lined.  Inspired by mens briefs/underwears. As you stretch into your practice, you will feel as comfortable as when wearing your briefs with some added opacity. An elastic waistband and no seams on the sides. Available in a few different lengths.

Also available in Bakasana style featuring no center front nor back seams. A 1″ elastic waistband for good support.  An inside front liner offering opacity and some support.  The fabric is the similar to a swimming trunks and you can definitely wear these for swimming as well.  Available only in one inseam length = Bakasana.

Great shorts for any hot yoga practices, whether Bikram yoga or any yoga.  These shorts are form fitting on your body allowing freedom of movement.  Practice in comfort and in style without worrying too much fabric bunching up on your thighs or groins.  These will allow you to focus on the most important aspect of your practice; your breath and your drishti!


Mens Yoga Shorts


Inseam Length

Bakasana, Midi Length- 4 1/2" inseam, Mini Length – 3" inseam


Large, Medium, Small


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