Vêtements Yoga Chaud Montréal pour Hommes & Femmes | HOT yoga wear for Men & Women – Made in Canada

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At Sweat-n-Stretch, we make Yoga Wear for Men & Women.  Our goal is to make Yoga wear that is not only fashionable but affordable.  Yoga wear in which you can feel good in and look great in, so that all of your energy is focused on your practice.

Real clothes for real people.

Sweat-n-Stretch Yoga wear is your second skin.

Feel good in your practice.

Love your yoga!



Hot yoga wear Montréal

Only the best quality fabrics are used. 

We opt for fabrics which dry faster than cotton, are shrink resistant and cottony soft, and hard wearing.  The blend of nylon and spandex provides a generous stretch to allow you to move freely and in comfort.

Our clothes are not just for the yoga room. With there content of Nylon/Spandex blend a lot of these yoga items are worn at the beach for swimming.  Yoga wear meant to be worn Anytime!

Be sure to check out our après yoga line. Fabrics such as Bamboo and Modal are used.  Natural fibers are the best featuring fluiditity, comfort and style at once.

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