Welcome to Sweat-n-Stretch hot yoga wear montreal,
where we make mens hot yoga shorts, womens hot yoga shorts as well as yoga leggings, hot yoga bra tops and more.
The yoga wear is designed and made in Montreal, Canada. We use the best quality fabrics which dry faster than cotton, are shrink resistant and cottony soft, and hard wearing. The blend of nylon and spandex provides a generous stretch to allow you to move freely and in comfort. Our clothes are not just for the yoga room. With there content of Nylon/Spandex blend a lot of these yoga items are worn at the beach for swimming. Yoga wear meant to be worn Anytime!
Be sure to check out our après yoga line. Fabrics such as Bamboo and Modal are used. Natural fibers are the best featuring fluiditity, comfort and style at once.

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Sweat-n-Stretch hot yoga wear montreal specializes in mens hot yoga shorts & womens hot yoga shorts

Sweat-n-Stretch mens hot yoga shorts are offered in an array of colors and prints.  We offer (4) four styles of mens hot shorts:

Padmasana style shorts featuring a gusset at the Front.

Bakasana style shorts featuring no seams at the front nor back.

Hatha style shorts featuring a classic fit with a higher rise and regular elastic waistband with an inside cord.

Hommes yoga shorts featuring a looser fit with an inner lining.

and as well we offer Mens yoga leggings as well a capris length.

Yoga wear meant to be worn anytime!


J'ai reçu le short de yoga vendredi et je suis très satisfait.  Les shorts de yoga sont souvent trop grand pour moi... mais celui que vous m'avez envoyé est parfait.  La taille XS est parfaite et je suis très heureux d'avoir découvert vos produits.

Received the yoga shorts yesterday and wore it today to yoga class. Love it! Great fit, just what I had hoped for! Thank you!

My yoga shorts are perfect! I have already worn them twice...now we know the size for the next time. Thanks for your help.

These special order shorts you made for me are perfect – just what I asked for! I’m really glad I found you and will certainly tell other yogis where I got my shorts. Thanks!  

I have worn them frequently and find them ideal for my practice. Best  

Je les adoooooore, ils sont merveilleux!! And what a sexy color! 😉  

Love the two pairs I received and have worn them both already to yoga classes.  Enjoy the lighter weight too.  I am all set for now and don't need anymore at this point.  Will probably order in new year.  Great shorts! Thanks  

Life is too short to only wear black shorts. Add some fun, color and comfort with these. I’m a 31″ waist and the small fits great. I prefer the mid-length for lasses as they do ‘ride up’ a little on the leg during poses and at my age I think it’s best. Though for home practice I LOVE the short versions. The gusset design works well for the man bits, is extremely comfortable and provides a modest enough presentation to be comfortable with others. And they are simply great while practicing. You never have a thought about what you are wearing unlike the ‘dork’ shorts that are more popular. If you are practicing seriously, get these