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Open back high neck top

Crop top with an open back.

If you are a women that does not need to much support for bust, this open back high neck top is ideal for you!

The front is fully lined offering some support and opacity.  And the back is so lovely! An open back showing off your lovely back.  If you practice hot yoga in it, it will allow some fresh air to seep in too! 🙂

Wear it to yoga, to pilates, to any activity you sport.  You can wear it as an everyday top too if you don’t mind showing your mid-section!  It is so versatile and easy to wear.

Very flattering and feminine yet athletic looking with its high neck front.  Falls a little below the bust with a no-dig edge offering that extra comfort.

Yoga clothes that is meant to be worn anytime, anywhere!


  • 4-way stretchy
  • Easy to wash and dries fast
  • Easy to care for


Weight N/A

Baroque print/Charcoal Bamboo, Navy Blue -Supplex


Medium, Small


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